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Product Dispatching with New and Improved Options

As we shift from the era of analog data to digital data, it can take companies years to adjust to the changes

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Once upon a time, the business industry was disconnected and distant. The manufacturer of a product was not concerned with the end users of that product. However, times have evolved and product leaders have grown a high level of empathy for the end users of their products. They pay close attention to the challenges, gaps, and pain faced by their customers, and actively make an effort to enhance their experience with their products and services. Over the years, more and more product leaders are making changes to their mindset and ensuring their business values uphold the sentiments of their end users. The product leaders or the manufacturers do not go in person to deliver thousands of products to their customers. They rely on dispatchers to get the job done for them. Hence, smart business leaders opt for efficient dispatchers who come in direct contact with and communicate with the end users.

Automation for Product Dispatchers

The work of a dispatcher is a multiplier because of the impact on the efficiency of any business. A product dispatcher handles hundreds of orders a day while a technician deals with a handful. Hence, to run dispatching operations smoothly and effectively, automation is necessary. For example, automation can surface vital information on the dispatcher's tablet or any electronic device for them to make critical decisions that impact customer outcomes directly. Automation allows us to store and retrieve data about every customer interaction, history, and preference. Dispatchers on the go can always revert back to the stored data when faced with any unexpected challenges.

Automation for Increasing Efficiency of Dispatchers

Automation can give alerts and signals to dispatchers in a matter of seconds. This allows dispatchers to make quick and data-backed decisions while on the road. At the same time, automation helps to cut down repetitive tasks for dispatchers. Field service can become complicated and difficult if dispatchers are not equipped with the tools they need to meet the demands of the customers. For example, additional customer requests, longer-than-expected work orders, and unexpected emergencies can cause monumental disruptions for field service agents. Hence, dispatchers need to be aware of all of this immediately and should be able to gather information from one point of contact. The head office or the factory can send signals and messages to the field service agents through automation. This way dispatchers can adjust to their teams’ needs and schedules accordingly.

Automation is a Matter of Time & Process

It is not feasible for all service companies to automate their processes overnight. Automation is still a fairly new concept for companies in many parts of the world. As we shift from the era of analog data to digital data, it can take companies years to adjust to the changes. Real-time optimization requires high-quality data input and analysis. Many companies are not trained in data management yet. Hence, companies must first be made aware of the importance of data and then trained on data collection, storage, and analytics. Companies that are at the beginning of their service automation journey can still have poor-quality data because of their technicians. If data technicians are inputting those low-quality data into an optimizer it will yield suboptimal results. This can lead to complete distrust in the automation system and low adoption. Hence, businesses can slowly improve their data quality which will eventually lead to greater optimization.

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