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Remote Work: is it the Present or the Future?

Father working from home and communicating with field service management software Custella.

By The Custella Team Blogger

Coronavirus or the COVID-19 continues to spread in countries and communities worldwide. Governments have sent nonessential workers home since the outbreak. But for a large segment of the workforce, remote work is not an option. People who work in the frontline of the crisis such as healthcare personnel, law enforcement, bank officials, grocery store employees, etc. are still putting their lives in danger for us.

While some people have been working from home or working remotely for months or even years, many of us are new to this experience. Remote workers can remain productive and earn an income while being partially shielded from the negative shock of workplace shutdowns. They can do this by conducting their business using electronic means of communication.

Woman doing remote work using field service, field sales, transportation, and asset management software Custella.

Remote work such as working from home can make some people more productive, attentive, and active. But this might not be the case for all and especially not during a pandemic. Here are a few personal tips and tricks to help you work-from-home during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Self-care is the Best Care For Remote Work:

A pandemic can be very stressful for many of us. Constant fear and anxiety about an infectious disease can be overwhelming and upsetting. But know that coping and managing your stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. You may notice changes in your sleep or eating patterns, find difficulty sleeping or concentrating, increasing the use of alcohol or drugs, and in general negative impacts on your mental health conditions.

There are many options available to us online to keep our mental health in check. Do an online yoga class, or follow a celebrity’s online workout routine, learn about meditation, or simply listen to music. If you feel healthy and happy inside, it will show on the outside!

Design Your Own Workspace:

Now is the time to be creative. There are no rules here, you are your own boss! Design a designated workspace for yourself. And no, your bed or couch does not count! Working out of your bed or from the couch can seriously impact your posture. Therefore, make sure your little office is where you can sit comfortably and get your work done. Include items such as a comfortable chair, a clean table, a plant, stationary, and of course your favorite snacks.

Personally, I chose a corner that is the least-visited corner of the house by my family members. This way, I limit my distractions and they know to stay away from me when I am in my little corner working.

Make an Easy to Follow Routine:

I find it very easy to lose track of time and get distracted at home. Everyone’s at home, the TV is right there, there is no boss to tell me to put my phone away during meetings and no one can catch me watching my favorite show during office hours.

Start implementing a schedule of tasks for you to do. Make a table or an excel sheet to help you keep you on track. Write down everything, timing, and dates of meetings, deliverables for the day, and schedule your lunch break in there too!

Communication is the Key:

I know I am using a cliché here. But right now, to ensure we are getting any work done, we must communicate. We need to communicate with our bosses, colleagues, and peers. During this time since we cannot meet face to face, we must turn to technology.

Custella is a Field Service Management app that ensures that no matter where you are, you can update your (and your team’s) tasks anytime. You can simply just do so by logging on to your account via the web browser or the mobile app itself. Team members can take notes and attach them to the task assigned to them, create sales orders, and even inform you if they need assistance for a task. In other words, you don’t have to switch between apps. On top of that, you get a full view of where and what your teams are doing without having to open another tab or system. Also, there is the option of real-time picture sharing and chatting.

The Future is Here…Sorry Another Cliché

I have been a freelancer before, and I was quite used to remote work by myself. But this time it is different, we are all in this together. Work from home is a new concept for a lot of us and honestly, when I was freelancing, I took all the perks of working from home for granted. I get to cuddle with my cats between meetings, take care of my house plants, finish reading the stack of books I have been piling up for a year and there is always something more to do.

Apps like Custella help to manage teams working remotely.

After this pandemic is over, a lot of organizations will switch to working from home. It is better to be prepared and aware of the major changes that will be taking place in our lives. Work from home was a concept that seemed like it was something in the distant future, but guess what, we are living the future right now and we will take time to adjust but we can do it if we keep ourselves agile, can’t we?


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