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Resources To Be Recession Ready in Field Services

How the wholesale industry is benefiting from FSM software

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When people hear about a recession, anticipated layoffs and slow business growth frequently come to mind. The whole "hunker down and weather the storm" attitude, you know. What if, however, the people in the best position to "weather the storm" were the ones who saw this as a chance to proactively enhance the operational health of your company? What if you utilized this opportunity to invest in your company and position yourself to improve several crucial areas, rather than making cuts and waiting for things to get better?

In a recession, it is straightforward on what to do: cut expenses and increase revenue. But completing either or both is quite difficult. For instance, harsh cost-cutting efforts might lower employee morale, cause quiet (or active) resignations, and increase turnover. Cutting costs might result in service quality issues that devoted customers notice, and your operations are more susceptible to expensive SLA violations. Similar to how business choices and revenue sources that appear advantageous now could end up being unsustainable in the long run and harm the company.

Field service providers might be drawn to the "quick wins" of price increases and cost-cutting in a difficult economic climate. Other tactics result in a "better" profit and loss, including hiring freezes, fuel taxes, and shortening the time allotted for planned maintenance orders. However, these suggestions are harmful to field businesses' reputations and present opportunities significantly. With the right help, you can raise the productivity of your current team members and increase customer satisfaction very quickly.

Last month I was talking to my father about his business and found out that he was tense about the anticipated recession. He explained to me how recession concerns are currently causing field service providers to experience turbulence both inside and outside. He told me that he was planning to use field service management (FSM) software to proactively address recession problems rather than wait them out.

Here’s how field service companies can fight a recession:

Easy scheduling: All of the time-consuming and risky assumptions made during human scheduling operations are eliminated by the automatic scheduling application. When developing schedules, automated scheduling solutions take into account all of your company's goals and limits. Field service management software, like Custella, provides the finest route management by matching the right person to the correct job based on skill sets, certifications, geography, availability, and other variables.

Route optimization: The field service management software's dispatching and scheduling tools can make field workers' travel more productive. They give them the ability to schedule the most tasks possible during the day by getting them to each appointment as quickly and safely as feasible. These technologies also help firms deal with external problems that make providing field services more challenging (like weather, traffic, construction, etc.). By minimizing travel time and associated expenses for employees, they save both time and money. Custella provides precise arrival time windows as real-time schedule updates to clients, field workers, and staff schedulers.

Customer portal: The customer portal is a key "good-to-have" element for managing a mobile workforce. Custella offers this so that customers may make new orders on the platform directly and that their service provider can cross-sell and upsell to customers while providing real-time status updates and order/delivery data.

Inventory management: By providing information on your inventory and alerts when things are running low on stock, Custella can assist you in managing your inventory and allowing you to purchase replacements in advance. Virtual warehouses can be constructed and are manageable. Custella gives you the ability to manage your assets by scanning product barcodes and keeping track of all the items your business owns.

Productivity is the key to increasing operational efficiency in field service businesses. A recession can typically be survived by being aggressive rather than conservative. FSM software assists decision makers in ways they couldn't without software in planning, executing, and managing expansions that are either necessary or just advantageous during a recession. The economic factors at play are ultimately beyond our control. I still don't have a crystal ball but what I do know is that field service management software can support a whole organization in making quick changes, expanding, or innovating. You might even discover that you are better than you were previously.

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