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Route Optimization Software: Overcome Road Restrictions

Closed road that can be avoided with a route optimization software

Route optimization software can help you overcome an array of potential road restrictions as well as any considerations with regards to your company trucks, letting you feel safe and in full control at the driver’s seat.

Fleet managers often plan routes for heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). Even if it may sound like planning for just any other vehicles, that is far from the truth. There are multiple restrictions when it comes to planning routes for HGVs. This is mainly done to ensure the safety of the road and the civilians.

If the planning is not properly done, your driver may wind up getting stuck on roads that are blocked or just really narrow for your vehicles to drive through. They may even have to take a detour and end up wasting a lot of time in the process. But most importantly, breaching the truck restrictions can get you hefty fines since these are mostly laws imposed by the government or other higher authorities. So what can be done to avoid such inefficiencies? Plan your route for the HGVs in the most effective manner. How can you do that, you may ask.

“The Solution”

Our team has gotten in touch with one such company that has experienced the struggles of planning routes for its vehicles and figured out the most efficient way to tackle the problem head-on. The fleet manager of the business, Ms. Ashley Chong, said the following:

“Road restrictions are common things for us to experience. Especially with heavy vehicles such as trucks. Of course, it was a complicated process for us to plan it all out manually but things became much easier after getting access to the route optimization software.”

Ashley Chong

Fleet Manager

Leveraging Custella’s planning function, planners can make prompt decisions to plan the fastest and most effective route. This means that the company that Ashley works for cannot only rely on Custella’s planning technology, but it is also able to leverage on truck/heavy vehicle related routing factors and limitations rather than generic vehicle routing factors that are better catered to smaller vehicles such as cars.

Tow heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) drivers using a route optimization software like Custella to avoid route restrictions.

The Importance Of Truck And Road Restrictions

Truck and road restrictions go hand in hand with one another. There are times when roads remain susceptible to damage from heavy vehicles and other times when some areas are just dangerous for heavy trucks to pass along e.g. height, width, and/or weight limitations. It is important to maintain the safety of the roads and abide by such rules.

Companies have a responsibility to not just look after themselves and their customers but also the community at large. Your company can contribute to the community by following the laws. Custella’s planning optimization can help you be the catalyst for this good cause. It will not only help you garner sales but contribute to the company’s goodwill.

“There are different types of restrictions. Hard restrictions limit the size and weight of the vehicle on the road, strict legal restrictions on fleets carrying hazardous materials, and soft restrictions that put certain conditions on which cargos can enter for what purpose. We realize the importance of such limitations and that is all the more reason why we believe that a route optimization software such as Custella is so very important.”

Ashley Chong

Fleet Manager

To Sum It Up

A route optimization software can help you plan most efficiently and cater to your customers better. With access to constant updates of changes to such restriction conditions, Custella can provide you changes in results on the roads that you are planning to commute in real-time as changes are updated.

This reduces the potential of mistakes with routes as well as potential rerouting and fines road usage violations. The right route optimization software can help you plan it easier than ever before. Perhaps you may even see such restriction management as a new way to take your business to the next level.


Need a field service management system like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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