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Safety first, a byline for any successful organization

Ways to review and keep track of safety compliance.

Safety first

Safety does not happen by chance. It is carefully planned, organized, and carried out. To ensure that systems work, a thoughtful approach, as well as vigilant monitoring and evaluation, are required. My cousin John, a 9-year-old boy has recently learned to read the newspaper. We all have been busy in the family answering his never-ending questions since then. But something caught his eye that day and he seemed very tense. It was about an accident at a construction site that killed 2 workers on the spot. Rayan’s father is a lead engineer at a construction firm, and he works on sites now and then. When asked, the little kid showed concern for his father if he will be coming back home safely every day.

There isn't a single industry or field where safety isn't necessary. Employee and client safety should always be a concern, regardless of whether you work for a construction company, a service provider, or an industrial factory. Recently a telecommunications tower in Malaysia collapsed, evidently due to heavy rain and strong winds. This incident has triggered a reassessment of Malaysia's telco tower infrastructure installation and maintenance procedures. Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa stated that a safety audit system is required. Before granting approval, the authorities must confirm that set safety standards are met. But keeping track of safety compliance and making sure the standards are observed is not simple. Well, it does not have to be complicated either if you have the right tools.

What can be done?

A field service management application, like Custella, can be a great solution for these safety challenges. It has some brilliant features like task visualization, location mapping, asset tracking, etc. to ensure safety at your workplace. Custella seamlessly interacts with existing systems and completes the solution, as well as functions as a stand-alone application.

Custella Mobile App

Let’s look at a few features of Custella that can help you keep track of the safety compliance of your business:

Field Service Management Module: Custella assists businesses in organizing and managing their resources, assets, information, people, and work, through optimization. With this app, you can plan and assign job duties for your employees and get real-time notifications for each task.

SLA Module: A service level agreement (SLA) is a contract between a provider and a customer for a specific set of services. Custella is a dashboard designed to assist businesses in meeting and maintaining their SLA module by tracking customer cases, aligning with various department activities, and managing client expectations. For example, Custella can ensure the technician’s safety and meet the safety requirement of mobile service providers during the installation of a telco tower.

Asset and Inventory Module: Custella’s Asset Management module allows you to manage your physical assets such as machines and your field service operations in a single application. It can be used for the calibration of equipment and tools used for the job for safety and efficiency as well.

An example of a use case in the telco industry itself is one of Custella’s clients, Alan Dick. Alan Dick is in the business of installation and maintenance of telco towers across Malaysia and Brunei. Their field technicians work with regularly calibrated instruments and visit telco towers periodically for scheduled maintenance and repair. So technicians have to be trained and assessed as per SLAs with principal telcos as well as to ensure the highest levels of security for the personnel and that they are never at risk at any time. This also means that the expensive equipment and tower assets are never at risk too. Reducing the chances of damage and repair means that Alan Dick will not need to redo their scheduled work and maintain their excellent record, thus maintaining their strong relationship with telco providers and staying profitable.

A good safety platform changes over time to ensure that it always complies with dynamic industry regulations. A project should be audited on a regular basis to ensure that goals are being met. If they aren't, problems should not be ignored; rather, they should be investigated as chances for progress. An application like Custella can always have your back to review and maintain the safety compliance of your company so that among other things, young children across the country know that their parents are safe at work and are coming home at the end of the day.

Happy construction worker

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


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