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Service Management Software Effortlessly Satisfies Customers

Field workers being tracked by service management software Custella

Case Study 10

By The Custella Team

How Managers Face Trouble Without Service Management Software

Field service managers are always rolling in schedules. Looking after the jobs that are ongoing, following up with the ones that are done, and dealing with the new ones that pop up. Managing such a service company is challenging in many ways. So, to make things easier, a service management software is key. It lets you track your workers’ location to be able to know where your workers are, who checked in, and who didn’t and overall track the performance of your field reps. Not just that, it will also enable you to manage the jobs that come up, automatically.

We came across a field service manager Tharindu. He told us about how he was struggling to keep track of his workers’ progress as well as regresses if any.

“When you have about 30 people working under you for a service delivery business, it is hard to keep track of everyone who comes in and who doesn’t. You also don’t know who has made the business most money and who made the least. Facts like that is important to know to motivate employees and to run a successful business.”


Service and Operations Manager

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What Can Be Done?

Knowing his troubles and shortcomings in his business, we offered him a simple solution; to invest in a service management software. A service management software has the features installed in it for a worker to check in when he arrives at the job and check out when he is done at the job. The software also enables managers to track the task progress via his phone. Service management software also has installed the features to track which agent was most utilized. That is, which agent worked the most and who worked the least, leading to the revelation who made the most money and who made the least.

With a service management software, field rep activity becomes very easy to track as you can do it all automatically only through your phone. After investing in service management software, the manager observed substantial changes in his everyday business.

“The software has helped me track my workers’ locations letting me know where they are. It allows me to see who arrived at the job and who didn’t. It also automatically replaces a worker who calls in sick, without me having to interfere at all. I can also see which agent made the most money and who is underutilized. All in all, I don’t regret my decision to invest in service management software at all.”


Service and Operations Manager

Benefits of Investing in a Service Management Software

Just like that, with service management software, the business was running smoother and the manager had a lot less headache. Automated features of a service management software such as check-in/check-out, field rep performance analysis, and attendance and leave records to let the manager see the over utilized and underutilized agents and provide proper feedback for each worker. To motivate workers a manager must be on top of how much they are progressing and how much they are slacking. And service management software helps to do exactly that.

As a Service Management Software, Custella’s field rep performance analysis, check-in/check-out, and attendance/ leave records features optimizes field agent’s schedules quickly and efficiently.


Need a Field Service Scheduling Software like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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