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Field Service Management: Yes, Your KPIs And SLAs Are Essential

Business meeting regarding SLAs and KPI

Effective field service management involves managing your organization’s KPIs and SLAs. This involves keeping track of aspects like the agreed quality, availability, and responsibilities between you and your customers, as well as, aspects of your process like transportation, warehousing, storage, and supply chains.

“What is SLA?”

In a world where consumers have a variety of options to buy their products and services from, it is necessary for businesses to up their game from their competitors to better serve their customers and break through the clutter. But it is easier said than done – on what basis are businesses going to do all of that? Sales? Or maybe brand value? It is an amalgamation of multiple factors. SLAs are usually a key indicator of success as these tend to be checked against in verifying your performance and are made quantifiable hence easily corroborated with actual performance.

To make sure that your employees are performing in line with the organizational goals, you should set different key performance indicators (KPIs) that are relevant and tied to the SLAs from your customers. A KPI is a quantifiable value that illustrates how efficiently an organization is reaching key business objectives. But how, you may ask – especially with so many customers, many of your team members, and possibly SLAs that differ from one customer or product to another.

Worry Less With SLA

Imagine you are the manager of an air conditioner servicing company. You look at last month’s profit and realize that it is similar to the month before that. You believe you are a consistent player in the market – things are good. However, you also see the growth potential. You get an email from the manufacturer of a well-reputed air conditioner company and read that you have been offered to carry the installment and servicing of their aircon. To be precise, you have signed a contract – Service Level Agreement (SLA) to respond to customers within 4 hours and resolve the issues within 24 hours.

Making sure you reach your contract goals is where Custella comes into play. Custella will help you achieve some of the following:

  1. Keep track of individual SLA agreements with each customer

  2. Get triggered notification reminders when you are e.g. 1 hour away from breaching an SLA set.

  3. Provide a report of SLA compliant and SLA breached tasks.

In addition to SLA specific reporting, to make your field service management easier, Custella can identify the employees that are available and in close proximity to the area where an aircon needs to be repaired so that you do not have to waste time contacting employees for their availability or mismatch a task to someone who is not suitably skilled or too far away from the location.

How It Helped One Such Business

Fortunately, we found a manager of a servicing company who has taken the time to give us his input:

“Field Service management can be complicated if we don’t look into all the details and keep ourselves updated. Of course, we found it difficult to make sure we were reaching our benchmark of offering services to our clients because there are so many of them. However, all that changed once we started using Custella. Getting real-time information on what needs to be done and what has been done actually makes our task a lot easier. It also helps us keep track of our employees and whether they are completing their objectives using the digital signature forms on Custella.”

Mr. Ashraff

General Manager

Meeting discussing how Custella helped their business stick to service management SLAs and KPIs

How Can It Help You?

If you are in charge of managing the installation, repairs, or service teams, chances are, you will face problems similar to what Mr. Ashraf did prior to using Custella. There can be times when, due to external circumstances, your frontline employees may not be able to reach the goal set by your clients. The good news is that getting real-time data on such issues and getting precise data through customer-specific SLA triggers can help you plan the best course of action so that you can strategize better in the long run.

To make sure that the customers are getting the field service that they deserve, the digital signature can easily indicate that a service has been successfully delivered. Furthermore, Custella will help you become a better judge of your employees – some employees work more than others and this information can go unnoticed if it is not recorded in the database. Such barriers can be overcome with the real-time data from Custella on all your field reps.

Are You Ready?

As mentioned by Mr. Ashraf, field service management is no easy task. But we have seen how the process can be made efficient and effective. Be it reaching the benchmark, obtaining real-time data, finding the best course of action, ensuring customer satisfaction, or overseeing field service management, Custella has got you covered. Now it is your turn to shine.


Need a field service management system like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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