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Smart Enterprise Software: Effortless Capacity Planning

Logistics and capacity planning on a piece of paper

Smart enterprise software can make your capacity planning less daunting and more enjoyable. Let’s see how.

“What Is Capacity Planning?”

Any industry expert would agree that there is not always consistency in the demand for the products that they sell. To avoid wastage or Muda, companies try to forecast the demand prior to producing its goods. This is where capacity planning comes into play. It is a systematic procedure for analyzing the production capacity required by any business to meet the dynamic demands of its customers. Capacity planning is a fundamental function of most organizational strategies.

If there is a discrepancy between the capacity of the companies and the demand of their customers, it can wind up in under-utilized resources and loss of trust from their customers. There are, unfortunately, multiple companies without smart enterprise software, facing these challenges due to the heavy shift in market demand. Especially with the rising demand for delivery goods every day, companies are struggling to meet customer expectations without the help of automation systems such as smart enterprise software to ease these day to day processes.

A U-turn Towards Success

For one such delivery company without smart enterprise software, things were going smoothly until they experienced a hefty number of orders from its clients. The operations manager of the company was kind enough to share her experience with us.

“Managing fleet operation is not an easy task in itself. Imagine doing that manually. Even though we were aware of the capacity of our trucks and the sizes of our packages, figuring out the management of our next orders was a tedious process and daily changes in delivery volumes made it even harder to make decisions. We could see our shortcomings in making our customers happy. Thankfully, we changed our strategy and opted for a smart enterprise software. It was honestly the turning point of our business. Things became easier with automation and our efficiency was off the charts.”

Stella Hew

Operations Manager

Manager doing capacity planning using a smart enterprise software called Custella

Your Solution To Capacity Planning

With a smart enterprise software such as Custella available in the market, there is absolutely no need for your planners to give vague forecasts about the size of the next package or the requirement of the space in your trucks. Custella can use the data acquired to analyze the capacity of your trucks and the requirements for the next delivery. Like Ms. Stella, you too will be able to see the dramatic boost of efficiency for your company.

You will not have to worry about under-utilizing your resources nor will you have to sweat over disappointing your customers due to the inability to cope with the surge caused by ad-hoc deliveries. In fact, using the optimum resources will cut costs that you can use to invest in other functions of your business and attract potential long term customers. It is a win-win strategy for all. And it’s time for you to change the game.


Need a field service management system like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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