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The Evolution of the Field Service Management Industry

Field service agents' hard hats

Custella field service optimization infographic: The field service industry over the next decade

We’ve Come a Long Way Since The Early Days of Field Service Management

Our phones, tablets, and other devices are full of apps to help us communicate at work and in our personal lives. But off-the-shelf texting and communication apps lack features that field service technicians need to get work done.

Tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams have taken off with “desktop” workers, but they are too complicated and not optimized for mobile, real-time communications. So, field reps simply won’t adopt them and instead turn to their favorite consumer apps like WhatsApp or iMessage to get the answers they need. These tools are great in our personal lives, but they are not safe for work because they aren’t secure and can’t be managed.

If you can’t afford to waste time or compromise your tight resources on the unpredictability of general apps, a field service management tool is a must-have to tailor to your organization’s needs. That’s why a growing number of companies are adopting field service management tools, while the field service management industry is growing rapidly, and will continue to do so over the next decade.


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