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The Importance Of Fleet Management In Solving Field Service Challenges

Trucks locations being tracked with Custella.

By the Custella Team


Companies tend to struggle with simple things. Some of their concerns can be:

  1. Improving efficiency

  2. Increasing productivity 

  3. Reducing the overall operational costs of a business.

These concerns can be addressed by recognizing the importance of fleet management as it assists in organizing and overseeing a company’s fleet and helps to streamline and accelerate the efficiency of a business. One such way it does this is in arranging administrative tasks that can include but are not limited to scheduling, inventory management among many others. It is integral to adapt fleet management as a solution to companies' field service challenges. In helping to reduce operational costs while improving efficiency and mitigating risks, this feature can enable businesses to deliver on their promise and meet their customer’s needs.


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The lack of visibility, breakdowns in communication, a culture of complacency, and the overwhelming potential for clerical errors that could be made, all exemplify the need for better management. Fleet operations alleviate these areas of concern and allow companies to focus more on efforts that would increase profitability without sweating the small stuff.    

An issue such as the lack of visibility contributes to the underutilization of assets in that a business cannot maximize the usage of its assets if there is a lack of visibility into vehicle location for example. Additionally, the breakdown of communication between channels means that there is a lack of seamless contact which can contribute to delays and subsequently harm customer retention. In addition, the culture of complacency continues to be an issue in the mismanagement of resources. Lastly lies the inherent challenge of errors. The potential for clerical issues in systems that are not automated and rely on paper trails further highlights the importance of fleet management.


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The fleet management feature provided in Custella’s unique field service optimization software provides a key solution as it can assist in: 

  1. Providing visibility

Through the use of real-time tracking and a GPS powered mapping system, vehicle location can be tracked in real-time. Thus insight is provided to help maximize field service in ensuring efficiency for example when it comes to identifying the most direct routes for the quickest arrival times. The utilization of the geofencing feature is equally useful in increasing visibility and operational efficiency from the creation of the job order to its fulfillment.

2. Breakdown of communication

As a fleet manager relaying messages to drivers can be difficult as they are out on the road and not always on site. It is for this reason that miscommunication occurs. Often times different applications are being used to communicate making it difficult for fleet managers and their teams to conduct business efficiently causing interruptions to packed schedules.

Custella mitigates this challenge by centralizing the communications. This allows for the streamlining of information being passed down between all channels assisting in creating a more effortless workflow exemplifying the importance of fleet management in field service. 

The magazine Entrepreneur South Africa, has referenced that up to 2 hours a day are used by fleet managers to communicate the work schedule to field service agents. 

3. A culture of complacency

The lack of accountability arising from a lack of visibility contributes to an even bigger issue which is the mismanagement of assets. In some cases drivers adapt a nonchalant attitude in the ways they utilize the vehicles, often times increasing the costs of fuel and mileage due to the idle time spent; contributing to greater expenditure on resources in general.

The importance of the fleet management feature provided by Custella combats this culture through visibility, real-time tracking, and the efficient use of current resources. Therefore any unethical business practices are eradicated. By fostering a more transparent cross-check system driver’s claims can be corroborated by referencing the system. It eliminates fraudulent behavior so gone will be the days of handwritten timesheets. Fleet management safeguards against discrepancies by protecting the unauthorized and wasteful use of company assets.

4. Errors

Traditional methods of documentation are not only time consuming but fraught with the potential for errors. Paper-based systems are not always reliable sources of information and can cause issues to arise. Namely, illegibility, when technicians (with scrawling handwriting) are filling up forms or simply overlooking pertinent information, are just a few of the administrative errors that can occur. Custella embraces a more digitized workflow that works to reduce the risk of such errors whilst saving time with its keyword search.


Companies understanding the importance of fleet management can undoubtedly boost the productivity of their business practices while increasing their profitability. The adaptation of a fleet management system or the utilization of a feature such as the one present in Custella goes a long way in:

  1. Cost and time saving

  2. Ensuring asset accountability

  3. Improving customer service

By recognizing the importance of fleet management businesses can use the tool present in Custella at their disposal to deliver on their brand promise, guaranteeing they are providing better service to their clientele.


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