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How effective asset data management is beneficial for field service firms

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Large amounts of data are produced by field service firms from technicians, assets, equipment, clients, and logistics. That data turns into a symbolic mound of unrealized potential if it is not actively used in enhancing operations. If you're storing your data in various systems or on paper, you're undoubtedly going to be completely overwhelmed by sheer volume. You can gain access to analytical reporting tools that centralize and explain the data for you when you purchase a field service management system.

When two divisions in a corporation share a resource, such as field service or marketing, the division that doesn't need it may frequently consider its counterpart to be less significant. This category includes field service since many individuals don't consider it to be a necessary component of doing company, but rather an expense that should be kept to a minimum. Other business units frequently have a hazy, stereotypical, and generalization-filled view of field service. Many people think that field service is less vital than other departments and are unaware of the risks involved. However, the view of field service is significantly influenced by the accomplishments and shortcomings of the business's numerous projects.

Last week, I was talking to one of my friends who had a business in HVAC installation and maintenance systems. He used to keep the records manually, but it was too much of work. Also, there used to be many errors. The field employees didn’t have enough data and had to waste time whenever they went for maintenance. Because they had to find out what was the problem and who fixed it last time. But after using field management software he was able to fix the downtime and data management issue effectively.

Here are some ways my friend managed his data more effectively through a field management software:

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1. Scheduling: The planning, scheduling, allocating, and forecasting of fieldwork cannot be done properly even if there are several appointments scheduled at any given time. In a field management software like Custella, you can get a real-time view of the task locations of all agents in a team. On an individual level, Custella even arranges your tasks in sequence.

2. Sharing the data: Big data is not just for senior executives in the FSM sector; every level of your company can benefit from the information your analytical reporting tool offers.

For instance, dispatchers gain by knowing the response and travel times of technicians. Knowing when to maintain parts in stock will be useful to parts management. Knowing the expertise required for the task and the anticipated time it would take to perform it is advantageous for technicians. The goal of getting the most out of your data in the first place is lost if you are only sharing large data with high-level decision-makers.

3. Improve the customer experience: For Field Service Management to succeed, customer satisfaction is essential. A poor customer experience may result in a negative online review, which may decrease the number of new or returning consumers. By using data, one can expand the horizons of client satisfaction. You can get a full view of transaction history, product purchases and warranties, and past engagements from a single platform like Custella. With customer history in one place, even when managers/ field reps leave, details can be viewed by the new employee. With this information, a technician may show up at a job site knowing exactly what the issue is, how to fix it, and what parts are required. This results in less time needed to solve the issue and a better customer experience overall.

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A service owner might not have a thorough awareness of how other business units see field service, which could have unfavorable effects. To fulfill the demands of those other business units, it is necessary to remove barriers between the field service and other business units that are impacted by field service. Without the proper tools, managing assets and managing a field service can be challenging. Especially if you have to oversee multiple systems. This is no longer a concern, thanks to field service management, which integrates with other systems to deliver comprehensive and up-to-date information.

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