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The Story of a Customer Support Agent

Know how Susan’s life changed after going paperless. It can happen to you too.

Customer support agent using technology to work

The Reality Check

Susan, a recent communications graduate, regretted getting into the workforce. That too, as a customer support agent. She woke up to go to her job at an electronics wholesaler company that has been renowned for some time now. However, that soon changed once she experienced the work pressure of working at a place that hardly adopted the latest technology. She had to answer customer queries and type everything down in a spreadsheet. She looked at her colleagues and saw tired eyes waiting to complete their shift, go back and do what they love. Can’t work be enjoyable? Susan thought to herself.

Pondering upon it, she strolled back home after a busy day at work. She further asked herself whether what they were doing as customer support agents were effective enough. Sure, speaking to customers and getting their issues resolved is what they are meant to do. However, it lacked the human experience. They did not remember if they communicated with the customer previously nor did they always get the time to look it up in their spreadsheets. Susan tried writing down the names of the customers on her notepad but found it inefficient because she couldn’t find the names at the right time.

Susan thought of talking about her frustrations with her elder brother Danny who runs a digital marketing agency. After hearing her out, Danny empathized and said that his company was in the same situation a few years ago when they branched out in other locations. Their clients started to increase and as a result, they needed to assign a heavier load of requests from their clients to their employees. It was getting hectic and they were getting a bad rep for missing out on important details of their customers’ requests. Finally, they set up a dedicated helpdesk with a Customer Relationship Management tool. Within a short period, their company’s reputation and profit jumped up. It was truly a miracle to them.

Increase in profit

The Climax

Inspired by Danny’s story, Susan went to her office and pitched the idea of implementing CRM software for their company. To her surprise, her line manager told her that they were incorporating a combination of field service management systems with their customer relationship management tool. The day could not have started better for Susan and her team. Susan had to use a tool called Zendesk that would do the following:

· An interactive platform with a customizable dashboard to keep the needful tabs

· Chatbots to ease the pressure on the customer support unit

· Customer Satisfaction Rating to know how happy their customers are

· Create structured content in the customer portal to dump all the important information

· Tag chats based on their progress and follow up accordingly

· Get a 360-degree view of each customer and share it with everyone within the company

· Play recorded voice messages based on their work hours

· Send automated messages to a large audience

· History of callers

· Forecast their needs and wants

And the list goes on.

The Aftermath

The customer support team saw a boost in their morale as they engaged with a larger audience with a higher CSAT score. With the CRM synchronized with their FSM, their field service management team saw a great leap in their efficiency and work completed. All Susan and her colleagues needed to do was listen to the issues of the caller, fill up the details, and pass it to the field service management application that would show a job order to the technicians. The planners were able to locate the field agents and track their work progress thanks to real-time updates in the app. Moreover, the technicians could leave off messages to help the next person in the shift understand the issues they need to solve. This created harmony among the HQ and the field representatives, all being guided by a single source of truth.

Successful FSM team

Susan believed that her company took the right step in going digital and thanked her line manager for making her work more meaningful, impact-driven, and fun. There are many effective CRM software such as Salesforce, and Zendesk that can work perfectly with FSM tools like Custella and create field service management and customer relationship management solutions.

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