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The Story Of Your Missing Spare Parts

Two agents utilizing spare parts

The Calm Before the Storm

Place yourself in the shoes of a CEO managing a company renowned for keeping its customers satisfied with exemplary field services. Whenever your company gets a call from its clients regarding servicing of products, the agents are immediately assigned and dispatched to repair, install, and maintain their machinery. No matter what kind of spare parts required by these agents, they have immediate access to it from your company’s inventory.

Your customers are happy and that, in turn, is keeping you happy. Everything is going well until you realize that you have incurred inexplicable costs. After a lengthy investigation, you notice that there are missing parts which usually happens with a large number of items at your disposal. You begin to understand that your spare parts logs are more important than you thought.

An employee searching for spare parts

Why Maintain Spare Parts Log?

Soon enough, you decide to create an in-house inventory management team. The reason behind this decision is because you believe that the people who work within the company have to know the nitty-gritty details that third parties will not have any idea about. You tell your company that logging spare parts is necessary for a couple of reasons:

  1. Keeping the storage cost at a minimal while having access to necessary parts

  2. Managing spare parts can enable you to serve your customers better and improve customer relationship

  3. Discernibility of parts so that your supply chain can tell you what is required where

  4. Faster repair time for your machinery so that the operation runs seamlessly

But It’s Not Enough!

After months of letting your in-house team manage the spare parts, the inefficiencies in the process dawn upon you. The application that your company has been using notifies you about who is getting the job done. However, inconsistencies remain between the spare parts being used and returned from their respective locations.  Clearly, you are not in this game to be the second-best. To achieve your goals, you need a one-stop solution that will give you much better insights than your current systems.

Man using Custella for efficient spare parts management

You need a field service app that not only acts as a spare parts log, but also intuitively informs you about the intricate details of your spare parts stock, usage, and purchases by each customer and job order. That way, your service agents will not have to waste time figuring out which spare parts are required and scratch their heads searching for the missing ones. Similarly, your admin/planners will easily be able to reconcile on the utilization report of the spare parts. In fact, we have spoken to a CEO that is delighted by the results of a field service application acting as a spare parts log:

“To be frank, spare parts are tedious to manage because there are so many of them and there is so much demand for them. We produce and keep a lot of it in our inventory. Back then, spare parts used to get lost due to human error and inefficient management from our end. It is completely understandable because I don’t expect people to be motivated to keep track of these small parts – such a repetitive task! The best decision for us was to get a field service app and use it to manage our spare parts log. We can easily get our work done without any extra expense and I must say it has allowed my team to focus on more value-added tasks.”

Raazi Ahmed


This Is Your Beginning

Let’s face it – we all want to have an edge in this competitive business environment. Although the spare parts log may seem like a small issue in the big picture, we must remember that “the devil is in the details”. We can easily make sure that just the right amount of spare parts are available in our inventory using a field service app like Custella. This story may be fictitious for you, but it most likely isn’t and it does not have to remain that way. If you have tried the rest, why not opt for the best?


Need a field service management system like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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