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The top 3 safety hazards for Field Agents

Get involved with your employees and ensure safety for them.

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Ken is the owner of an electrical maintenance company in Malaysia. His small company consisting of 10 employees was running smoothly until something unexpected happened. There was a miscommunication regarding the inventories and one of his employees fell from a broken ladder in the warehouse and broke an arm. This accident made Ken think about the safety of his workers. Having a small business, he never had to think much about the inventories because he used to check on everything alone. But over time the business continues to grow, and it’s becoming tough for him to ensure safety and keep track of everything.

Employees are the most prominent risk factor when managing a mobile workforce. One of the most difficult challenges in mobile work is managing the risk of human error. Managers and supervisors must create a secure environment for mobile work and encourage employees to follow security policies to address this issue. According to the 2019 Annual Safety Progress Report, The top three challenges for 2019 are well-known to professionals in the environment, health, and safety (EHS). However, there is growing concern about them.

Here’s a look at the top 3 concerns:

Employee involvement: The communication gap remains a major safety risk for field service operations. The supervisors assign the work to the employees, but they don’t keep track of what the employees are doing.

Disregard rules: When employees are not supervised, they tend to disregard rules and find a shortcut way of doing things. This can cause safety risks in the workplace.

Meeting compliance requirements: It gets hard to review and keep track of the safety compliance at times which is a major risk for the field service agents.

These issues are clearly not going away, and they are unlikely to be solved once and for all—sustaining engagement and positive safety culture is a continuous process. However, with the right attitude, communication, and tools, supervisors and professionals can take a proactive approach to address these challenges in their organizations. Some businesses are going above and beyond and using a Mobile workforce management app to ensure the safety of their workers. In my opinion, that is a very convenient way to keep track of safety compliance and ensure safety for the workers.

Field Service Agents keeping track on employees using Custella

Here’s what you can do:-

  • Real-time updates: You can get real-time updates of what their employees are up to. With a field service management app like Custella, you can get notified about each of the tasks.

  • Route plan: You can customize and plan the routes of your employees to avoid traffic or accidents. This makes their work more convenient and time friendly.

  • Assign duties: Consider which field agents are best suited to tackle various tasks, as different skill sets are required to address them and assign the duties according to their expertise.

  • Assets and inventories tracking: You can keep track of your assets and inventories virtually. If there is any damaged equipment that may cause risk, you can identify them and inform your employees.

  • SLA or service level agreements: You can keep track of the safety compliance and review them according to SLA with an app like Custella.

Field service agents can potentially be putting themselves at risk on the job. They have to work in a variety of environments and often face danger from traffic, weather, or hazardous materials. With the use of a mobile workforce management app, it will be easier for them to stay safe. The first way that the app can help is by providing workers with more safety compliance. This is done by using the app to track what they are doing and making sure that they are following all safety requirements. It can also be used for simulating dangerous situations for them to train for. In order to ensure the safety of your employees, you have to get more involved with them. And an app like Custella can be a good fit to be engaged with your employees.

Happy field service agents

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