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The Useful Tools of Field Force Management

Case Study 3

By The Custella Team

The Predicament without Field Force Management Tools

So we came across a company that sells and provides air-con services. In a market that covers a large geographical area, they found themselves managing teams of different kinds of maintenance workers, as well as a medium-sized door-to-door sales team. Being a family run business that was passed down generation to generation, their operations consisted of physical files filled with paperwork. But as their clientele and coverage area grew, it became harder to keep track and strategize their sales and service teams. With customer expectations at an all-time high, it was time for a revamp to resolve:

  1. customer data redundancies and reducing search times

  2. repeatedly assigning tasks manually to service teams

  3. inability to be alerted when teams enter or leave high-density locations

  4. sales team have no idea which customers are near their current location

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Swapping Paper for Technology

An old hand, Steven Lee, Operations Director, came across Field Force Management Tools and sent in an inquiry to learn more about how its features could address his current work woes. He was pleased to find that technology had a solution for every one of his problems, and would not cost him much time or revenue to implement.

“With the amount of service and sales orders we have handled over the years, I thought updating our current workflow would be a monumental task not worth the trouble. But it was easier to accomplish than expected.”

Steven Lee

Operations Director

Handicapped No More

A Field Force Management tool like Custella cured the headaches faced by Steven’s company. It’s Geofence feature granted him the capacity to set automatic triggers for service agents so that he would always be notified of who was working in areas of high demand. Recalling customer data was as simple as entering the customer’s name into the system, which could even be accessed by the service agents themselves. Sales agents in the field could also locate nearby customers and plan their sales visits accordingly. At the end of the day, all of this could be tied together into a neat report automated by the system, following Steven’s pre-loaded parameters. Hence, Field Force Management enabled the company to:

  1. Optimize workforce management

  2. Improve customer service visibility

  3. Automate triggers, workflows, and reports

The results have galvanized Steven and his operations team into a well-oiled machine, staying on top of their customer’s service tickets as well as potential sales.

As a mobile and web application, Custella’s Field Force Management tool automates workflows and optimizes workforce management.


Need a field force management tool like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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