The Value of Customer Service in Field Service Management

When It Comes To Job Performance: Customers Only Notice What You Tell Them To

By The Custella Team

The customer rarely focuses on processes and technical skills. But while Field Service tasks such as changing the filters in a water filtration system may not be relevant to them, field service providers must value customer service if they want to build a good reputation. Customer service in Field service Management is important as we explore below. 

So how do they shore up customer service? The key is in transparency is the answer. Clarifying your actions to customers in a way they understand and value, is a way to keep you and your expertise at the forefront of their minds.

Why this matters

71.8 percent of survey respondents of Field Technologies Online have stated that customer satisfaction has to be emphasized as a strategic initiative in field services. As a field service provider, you assume that providing quality work will satisfy your customers. But, why do you receive unpleasant reviews even after your excellent work?

It’s because your customer service in field service management is missing a piece of the puzzle. Besides the work assigned to you, you have to identify their expectations as customers who chose you as a solution to their problems. While customers are focused on their needs, field service companies need to focus on justifying customer’s choice by telling them the value of the service and sales provided.

One way to add value to your services is to highlight “non-work criteria”, and getting customers to rate it. What is “non-work criteria,” you ask? Its the type of non-technical aspects of the jobs that customers will notice, rather than the techy bits that they are clueless about.

You can provoke interest in aspects that are of value to customers by briefing them on the process you go through as a field service provider. This way, you will sustain in their minds compared to other field service providers. An after-service survey is a great way to get them thinking, and here are a few topics you could touch upon:

1. Punctuality

We live in a time-oriented culture. You’re advised not to be late for service to your customers’ place. If you are, it’s best to inform them of your delay earlier and expected arrival time to avoid disappointment. So good scheduling, with reminders and notifications from a digital tool managing your field agents, is important.

2. Excellent communication

Customers notice and appreciate excellent communication. Excellent communication simply is a two-way street. Schedule a call with customers before setting out and remind them of the appointment. And don’t forget to listen to their needs as well. The value of customer service in field service management is seen when customers know that their concerns are being attended to by an attentive eye. 

3. A seamless experience

If there’s anything that customers hate, it’s the run-around. Customers should be able to reach for your assistance through the easiest and pain-free way. An outstanding automation system is very important to provide better services to your customers. Having good customer service in field service management like Custella will assist you to manage your customers. Thus, your customers will not feel neglected.

71.8 percent of survey respondents of Field Technologies Online have stated that customer satisfaction has to be emphasized as a strategic initiative in field services.

4. You’re neat, well-mannered, and approachable

First impressions and body language matter. It is important that field agents look approachable and speak appropriately when going to your customer’s home. When your actions are the other way round, you are already earning poor reviews even if your work is excellent. 

5. You seem fair

You have to maintain the respect towards them in order to gain their loyalty. Inform them about costs and timelines transparently with the reasons why. Keep field agents in the know-how of each customer’s past relationship with the organization, thus providing a case-by-case opportunity to build stronger, more lasting bonds. Remember, never provide them with misinterpretation of your service. To be fair, you have to practice what you say.

In A Nutshell

As a mobile and web application, Custella eliminates hefty paperwork, through its digital smart features and optimization of operations.

Undoubtedly, technology and digital devices are helping to improve value in customer service for field services. Businesses that involve field service are opting for universal digital solutions that provide better “non-work criteria” services, as well as a way to collect customer feedback afterward. 

Custella focuses on multi-level synergy rather than individual optimization. It ties in managers and their agents in the field and optimizes the operations of the field service, helping to provide better customer service in field service management.

Using automation, optimization, and real-time analytics, Custella can help companies address:

  1. Scheduling and punctuality of field agents, reducing customer frustration

  2. Customer 360-degree view, giving agents all the information they need to prepare before and at the customer’s location

  3. Custom forms that can be handed to customers at the end of visits to collect feedback (and underline) valuable “non-work” criteria.


Need a field service management software like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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