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Transportation Dispatch – How To Handle It Like A Pro

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By the Custella Team

Transportation dispatch is an important function of a field service business. To provide effortless and efficient service, it is best for a company to have its own fleet management system put in place. Having their own company vehicles makes it easier and more efficient for workers to get around to job locations.

That being said, transportation dispatch as important as it is, can be challenging at times. To have a smooth-running system it is necessary that the right tools are being used. Otherwise, it might cost you, your team, and your customers valuable time and energy.

Why is Transportation Dispatch Management A Challenge?

Management of transportation dispatch can be a toughie given that there are so many trucks at so many locations at the same time that it becomes hard to keep track of. We came across a company who was having trouble keeping track of its fleet due to lack of a proper transportation dispatch management system.

“We need our drivers to be able to report service issues or accidents while on the road. We have some mobile work crew members who cannot access our public works software in remote areas due to connectivity issues, but they need to record work while on the job.”

– Daniel  Operations Manager

Companies need their workers to be able to book and manage vehicles for work when they are not in the office. If that is not the case with the transportation dispatch management system you use, it will make workers and the company lose time and resources.

Not only that, but managers also need to be able to track their fleet in order to make sure of timely deliveries. The authority needs to be on top of factors such as if drivers are making unauthorized stops that are delaying service or delivery. For providing quality service managers need to make sure that the drivers are reaching the job location with their cargo in time without any unnecessary delays.

Trucks dispatched using Custella

What is a plausible solution?

As a solution to these problems, we offered the company one simple solution which could take care of all these issues all at once. A transportation dispatch management system that you can access through your mobile phone, as an app.

With a mobile transportation dispatch management, managers can dispatch and optimize the use of their trucks and drivers depending on driver’s availability, location, skill type to drive certain trucks. Also, factors such as height clearance for trucks, truck sizes, and the weight they can carry, can be assessed using the mobile software just through a tap on the phone.

If there is an issue with the vehicle, the in-app messaging system lets you inform your management right away about the problem and arrange for assistance.

If there is no connectivity at a remote location, the offline mode can be used to log in data and all the data will be restored in the app once connectivity is available. That way, you don’t lose any data with or without connectivity.

The scheduling feature of the app lets you book trucks, schedule the time all in the app. You can also track the location of the trucks using the route tracking system. If the drivers are making unauthorized stops or running late, there is a trigger built into the app to warn them about it.

Staying On Top of It All

All in all, a transportation dispatch management software can do wonders for your transportation dispatch system solving most if not all the messy issues that come up daily. After investing in such software, the company was able to observe dramatic positive changes in its fleet management.

“It became much easier to communicate the issues with the vehicles whenever assistance is necessary. The delivery time and service quality progressed noticeably. The transportation dispatch management system also made it easier for me to track those signs of progress.”

– Daniel  Operations Manager

As a dispatch management software Custella’s route tracking, scheduling, and geofencing features make it a lot easier for managers to be able to track the worker’s progress and fix a problem when it arises. And like so, Custella simplifies transportation dispatch management.


Need a Dispatch Management Software like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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