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Unlimited Potential, Limited Resources

A small business owner struggling to optimize the workforce in the face of rising demands

Customer support agent using technology to work

For a tropical country like Malaysia, heatwaves are fairly common every now and then. Due to urbanization and changing urban tendencies, five cities in Malaysia have experienced higher temperatures ranging from 1.64° Celsius to 6.75° Celsius during the last few decades. Imagine you have a store in Petaling Jaya that deals in the sales, installation, and maintenance of air-conditioners. During a particularly warm week during the summer heatwave, it is likely to get a surge of calls from customers who want to replace or install new air conditioners in their premises. But you only have 5 technicians now who must manage 50 calls in a single day. So how would you allocate your limited resources so that they can get the job done without having to make multiple trips back to the office and waste precious time? This is where you can use workforce management software to make your life easier.

Optimization has never been easier

One such software application that helps firms organize and manage their resources, assets, information, people, and work, through optimization, is Custella. These platforms help allocate your resources and optimize your workforce in the most convenient possible way. Here are some features of Custella that can help solve your problems regarding field service management during a surge in demand for AC installations:

  • Route planner: You may assign 10 calls to each technician and plan out their day with an app like Custella, ensuring that they don't miss a single client. You can even plan their routes according to the locations so that they don’t have to travel back and forth to the office.

  • Job assignment: You can assign duties to each technician according to location, availability, and utilization.

  • Notifications: You don’t have to worry about check in/check out of employees, payment collection, radius of location etc. Custella will send you notifications for each of the tasks. You can even alert the employees if they are offline during work hours.

  • Over-time logging: Your staff can use the software if they are working overtime as well.

  • Smart Optimizer: Custella optimizes the locations and routing options through google and HERE maps. Also, you can assign the tasks to your staff according to their skills and expertise regarding the specific assignment.

Increase in profit

  • Customer Portal: Your customers can get real-time status updates of their service provider. Also, they can place new orders through the software.

  • Inventory Tracking: You can be stress free for inventory management because Custella has got your back. You can create virtual warehouses and manage them through inventory management. Handover forms and transfer of inventories can be managed as well.

  • Asset check-in / check-out: Custella will take care of your asset management. You can scan the RFID for assets check-in or check out.

  • RFID/ QR/Barcodes: Combating fraud can be tough and stressful at times. Custella will take care of that as well. You can use RFID for quick and efficient stock taking and it combats fraud by optimizing space and visibility.

Now you have some tools that can help use your resources in the most efficient way. It’s a great relief to know that you can satisfy all your customers’ needs at the same time without disappointing any of them.

Successful FSM team

Getting a software like Custella will help your business grow and remove half your tension. So, the choice is yours now.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in the ASEAN region (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, etc. ) or Australia/Oceania, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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