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Wave Goodbye to Dispatch Management Operations Problems

House being built by material dispatched through Custella's dispatch management system

Case Study 5

By the Custella Team

The Challenge Faced in Dispatch Management Operations

The trouble with Dispatch Management Operations comes in all shapes and sizes. Not long ago we came across an electrical and mechanical company that offers a range of services. They specialize in commercial and residential Low Voltage (LV) work, external telephone infrastructure, underground cable distribution networks, switchboards and control panel installation, air conditioning, and so on. Needless to say, their sales and services include fieldwork and require a lot of dispatch management operations.

The company’s CEO, Jack Leong expressed concerns that they were having trouble transferring all the information to the sales and services team simultaneously via phone calls. Letting all the team members know about the job orders that come up as quickly as possible became a challenge since not everyone is at the same job location. Basically, dispatch management operations were hard to handle manually.

Manager using Custella for dispatch management
Finding field workers or sales reps suitable for certain jobs who are available and at a nearby location was a big challenge because one can only make so many phone calls at a time”

Jack Leong


In fact, for a lot of these companies, assigning tasks and finding the right people to send to the job comes as a challenge. The reason is that, as soon as a job order or a follow-up order comes in, you need to send in the right people to that job without losing time and resources. Otherwise, the longer it takes for you to look through your worker’s files to find a suitable fit, the more you risk losing your customers to competitors. Or worse, give way for a bad review.

Winds of Change

That’s where Custella comes in. With a field service optimization software, they could easily take care of the dispatch management operations just through that one software on their mobile devices. With Custella, when a job order came in, it can automatically assign the job to the right person by analyzing the skillset of the dispatcher using its scheduling and dispatch feature. Not only that, it also assigned the job to the person who is closest to the location by scanning their location and availability.

“We’re saving so much time and resources. It saved me from the headache of finding the right fit and calling up my dispatchers to see who is nearest to the job order. I just tap on my phone and the rest is done for me” says Jack.

The End Results through Dispatch Management Operations

By handling their dispatch management operations automatically, the company could increase its sales up to 70% more unlike their previous method of manual management. Dispatching became much easier, there was no more time wasted looking for the right person for a job. Managers could easily find the nearest worker to the job location who was available, and with the right skill set for the job. The workers are informed of the job order through the same savvy software.

As a field service optimization software, Custella’s sales order assignment feature optimizes scheduling and dispatch management operations.


Need a dispatch management operations tool like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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