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Field Service Optimization: Where Is Your Company’s Priority?

A business meeting to identify service level agreements (SLAs)

Problem Identification

You are the owner of a company that has garnered many well-reputed or premium clients. With each client, you have certain service level agreements (SLAs) that your business development team fulfills them diligently. Of course, with reputation comes the need to prioritize since keeping premium clients satisfied means prioritizing their needs and resolving their cases well.

Even though you believe in your team and see satisfied clients, there is an underlying feeling that your company can do better. To verify this, you run a client satisfaction survey and find out the following:

  1. Clients are not always getting the priority they deserve based on the SLA agreements

  2. You are unable to prioritize effectively based on the types of clients e.g. premium, varied SLAs, etc.

  3. Faulty issues aren’t resolved efficiently enough and there are cases of wastage

  4. Not assigning the appropriately skilled field agent best suited for the client

Businesswoman trying to assign skilled field agents and prioritize SLAs

The Benefits

Even though they may seem easy to recover from, you know that overlooking these issues can wind up hampering your company’s reputation. You set up a meeting with your team and come to the conclusion that you need a field service application that will do the following things:

1. Keep a record of your SLAs: Different clients have different requirements and these are written in detail in the SLAs e.g. varied response and/or resolution type based on the product or customer type/location. Each contract has certain criteria set and it is your job as the company head to make sure that each objective is fulfilled. Rather than having generic information, being able to know when an SLA is breached or about to be (via notifications), provides you an opportunity to potentially avoid and address any SLA breaches.

Also, for your own reference and transparency with your clients a field service app generates reports that can define and clearly state instances where SLA breaches occurred. This allows you to better prepare your responses to the client e.g. reasons and remedies taken/to be taken to address such breaches.

2. Help field service agents prioritize work: Companies can have many frontline workers. However, not everyone is fit for every type of work and this could cause frequent SLA breaches. A field service optimization app can allow you to leverage smart planning features e.g. location, availability, skill levels, and utilization to reduce the potential of your team member not being able to respond or resolve the cases at hand. All this can be solved at the click of a button.

Segmenting different types of customers, products, issues, and so forth is no easy task. With a field service optimization app, the information on the SLAs will be provided to your planners/admins and this will empower them to navigate the field service agents and accomplish what needs to be prioritized. Hence catering to your customers need not be a tedious process. Some tasks may require a higher skill set from a field agent and you will be able to make decisions accordingly with the help of the app.

Hear It From An Expert

The client service manager of a renowned business had a few things to say regarding priority configuration:

“Satisfying our customers and keeping a long-lasting relationship with them is our number one priority. However, that can only be done with impeccable work performance from our end. Each client has their own needs and that is written in the agreements. But with our business that has so many national and international clients, it gets hard to keep track of everything. But that changed once we adapted a field service application. It basically takes the information of the SLAs and alerts our planners and operations staff when we are about to breach an SLA. This is truly helpful to allow us to be proactive rather than reactive for example reassigning a field agent to ensure we get to the customer on time or allows one of us to step in to contact the customer not only to ensure we don’t breach SLAs but ensure the customer is not kept waiting. . It’s truly wonderful because we get to meet the needs of our customers and often their customers too, through this application.”

- Mr. Fikri

Client Service Manager

To Sum Up

Having multiple clients with various SLAs will never be a problem if you incorporate a field service optimization app like Custella into your organization. With the dynamic and varied expectations from your customers, the application will efficiently be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done and when. You will know where your agents are located and who is the best fit to attend to a specific client. There are many more perks with which you will find out as you start using the field service optimization app. We guarantee to improve your field service game and how you cater to the ever-evolving demands of your clients. 


Need a field service optimization application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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