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Why Delivery Driver Tracking Apps Are More Important Than You Think

A map view in Custella, a delivery driver tracking app, shown on a phone.

By The Custella Team

What is a delivery driver tracking app, you may wonder. In a world where there is an utmost need for social distancing that is making us work remotely, a higher need for delivery services is on the rise. As a business-minded individual, you would ideally want to make the best use of this opportunity and cater to the needs of your customers and ensure satisfaction.

Whether you deliver your own products or for a 3rd party, the idea stays the same; deliver the purchased product to your customer’s doorstep in the most efficient manner. How can you ensure this, you may wonder. A great way to make sure that your delivery services are working seamlessly is to be able to get real-time updates on the location of your delivery personnel with a Delivery Driver Tracking App.

Delivery driver using Custella, a Delivery Driver Tracking App

Wouldn’t It Be a Disaster?

Your company is only as good as the product and service it provides. Now imagine that your customer needs an essential product as soon as possible. However, due to some unacceptable reason, your delivery person has not reached his or her destination. What will the customer feel about your service quality? Do you think that they would trust your business to be reliable for future orders?

What Can Be Done?

Using an effective delivery driver tracking app such as Custella will not only give you access to a one-stop solution software for field service but will also let you monitor live data on all of your delivery team members. In other words, you can make sure that customers get their desired products without having to experience any delays. In addition to that, you can provide the level of access desired for your customers to view the status and progress of their deliveries through a customer portal.

Customer using Custella, a Delivery Driver Tracking App

Best Practice Review

As you strive to make your business successful, it is essential to simplify and ease the process of managing records of your team members/ drivers and identify the issues that need to be addressed for improvement. Using a delivery driver tracking app will make it simpler for you to keep records of the mileage claims by your employees and help you to decide the kind of training or feedback they may require.

Furthermore, it can assist you in making sure that the company policies are being followed e.g. they have done basic vehicle checks, they have taken rest after X number of driving hours, they have stopped at designated/ permitted stops and importantly their driving, resting, and waiting time is recorded accordingly.

Saves You From A Lot Of Worries

If you are involved in the delivery business, making sure that your products get delivered is bound to be your topmost priority. With so many delivery drivers traveling to various destinations to get the job done, it can be a rather grueling task to take note of all of them. Again, a delivery driver tracking app can save you from this daunting process and make your work more efficient and effective. With a click of a button from software such as Custella, you can get all your driver’s information at your fingertips – – even reminders on when they are due to renew their driving licenses.

To Sum Up 

The delivery driver tracking app is becoming increasingly important in this current day and age. With higher customer demand, it has become essential for businesses to operate in the most proactive manner to anticipate and evade any kind of pitfall. Enabling better visibility such as this will surely boost your sales through the quality of service and retain loyal customers in the long run. So what are you waiting for?


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