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Why Your Decisions May Not Be Effective Enough

 Planner researching Custella for field service management, optimization, and field agent motivation

Inefficiency Equals Demotivation

A field engineer wakes up in the morning and goes to work. Like any other day, he arrives to work on time and waits for tasks to get assigned to him. After receiving his list of tasks, he completes his first set of tasks and feels demotivated. In other words, he feels as if he was not assigned to those tasks which he is more capable of completing with finesse. During his work, he has to keep his company updated with the work done and simultaneously communicate with them for any necessary types of equipment he might need. Moreover, he believes that he has been working hard compared to most of his colleagues and still not getting recognition for his job well done.

On the same day, the CEO of that particular company ends his meeting feeling concerned about the lack of effective decisions within the organization. Despite having a main system installed in the office for task visibility, they still have to get a lot of their data input done through spreadsheets. On top of that, the team is unsure about the true capabilities of their field engineers due to which they cannot assign the right person for the right task. They are also unable to receive real-time updates on reports that will enable them to understand the performance of their field engineers.

Planners utilizing smart software Custella for field service management, optimization, and field agent motivation

The Solution To A Common Issue

The aforementioned scenario, although fictitious, is very common in today’s field service management. Customers have a lot of services to choose from and it is up to the business to retain their customers. How can they do so if they are unable to distinguish the good performing team members from the ones that need corrective measures? Smart applications can bridge the gap within your field service management activities. To know-how, we have conversed with an industry expert in field service, and here is what he had to say:

“As service providers, our frontline staff are the face of our business. Who we assign where makes or breaks the quality of our work so it is very important that we find out the best possible fit for our employees. It is not an easy task when you have to go through tons of data without making sense of it all. Especially, if you have to find them from a long list of spreadsheets. Furthermore, we weren’t getting instant updates on the progress of our field engineers and that was creating inefficiency. After a long discussion, we decided the best route for us was to go for a field force system that would be a single point of solution. After leveraging the system, we can tell you we didn't make the wrong decision.”

The Value They Get

So this field service software can surely be the gamechanger for any organization trying to make more effective decisions in field service management. The smart application of this company’s choice is Custella and here is how it provides a solution for the business:

  1. A TT record is created on the software

  2. A job order is placed according to the standard operating procedure of the company when in need of field team engagement

  3. Based on the appropriate skills, location, and utilization, a field engineer is selected for the job order.

  4. The field engineer uses the following functions of the software:

  5. The Start / End Journey function on the application is used to record the time and distance traveled for generating an accurate mileage report.

  6. The Check-in and Check-out button on the software is used to record the amount of time spent on performing a task.

  7. The status field is used to update the status of their task.

  8. The Support and Device Maintenance teams manage reporting through the app. Top performing and poor performing field engineers are identified through the daily, weekly, monthly reports based on the number of completed job orders and the time taken to finish those tasks.

  9. Quicker access to maintenance, terminal termination, and terminal balance declaration forms (from hardcopy to digitized form on the software) allows the company to take better & quicker future preventive actions from such insights.

Two managers implementing a field service management and optimization app Custella

Ready To Act?

Proceeding with your operations without understanding the team members who are implementing them can be detrimental to any business. Establishing a free flow of communication with their field engineers has made this service provider operate at their desired level. Software that operates as a single source of truth for any organization truly discards the need for the use of multiple software and unnecessary paperwork. Are you facing something similar? If so, it is time for you to step up and do the smart thing.


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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