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Worried About Efficient Asset Management?

Man worried about asset management thinking of using Custella

Case Study 6

By the Custella Team

The Premise of Asset Management Issues

Asset management is a vital part of the services industry as maintenance may be necessary after the installation of certain equipment. Supposing, a latte machine-manufacturing company sold a dispenser to a coffee shop, but the machine’s nozzle broke down. Now, the company must dispatch a repairman as soon as possible to the location to resolve the problem.

But on the way to the shop, the repairman’s car breaks down; will the customer be understanding of that unintended delay? Of course, they won’t. They will sooner get somebody else to supply latte machines. And as such, the manufacturer loses both a customer and its credibility.

Field service agent using asset management app Custella to access spare parts records

Asset management comes in handy when your workforce encounters car trouble.

Overcoming The Hardships

Our path crossed a similar case not long ago; this Air-con supplier sold a handful of their air conditioners that needed prompt servicing. But the problem was that the worker assigned to the job had called in sick, and the manager needed to rush through staff files to find qualified staff to replace him. He had to call each worker individually to find out who was available and near enough for the servicing.

“I was looking through my worker’s files. Most of them were already busy and those who were available either did not have the right skills or were too far away. Picking the right person for the job took way more time that expected. In the end we never heard from that customer a second time”


Business Manager

The Solution through Digitization

With a digitized system, asset management becomes much easier. The manufacturer decided to take a chance with a mobile workforce management tool to be able to easily manage their assets and never lose another customer to such occurrences.

How the Day was Saved with Asset Management

With the help of the automated task planning feature, when a job order came in it automatically suggests field workers who are closest to the location and those who have the right skill set for the job. Field agents can also take leave or notify the business when they need to through the application’s attendance/ leave records and the system automatically re-assigns the job that was initially assigned to them. Hence there was no need to manually call workers during emergency reassignment of job orders.

“Mobile Workforce Management allowed me to see my field workers when ever and wherever they were. I could assign and reassign jobs in a matter of minutes and this has been a life saver for our business whenever an emergency pops up.”


Business Manager

As a Mobile Workforce Management tool, Custella’s asset management can resolve emergency reassignment and optimize your workforce routine to appropriately solve the problem.


Need a Mobile Workforce Management Tool like Custella? If you’re in Malaysia, Indonesia, or the ASEAN region, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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