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Zendesk x Custella: The Full-proof Customer Support Plan

Want to keep your customers satisfied? Zendesk and Custella offer you just what you need.

Customer service and support

Customers are the backbone of a thriving company - as most companies would say. However, there needs to be a deeper understanding of what that actually means. When customer-centric businesses operate, they essentially try to create and deliver products and services that fulfill the demands of their customers. When a business interacts with their customers, they mostly get judged through the quality of their work, their behavior, how much efficiency they maintain during their workflow, and how much value they are providing to the customers. The quest for total customer satisfaction has been a long one. While many businesses strive to create that perfect experience for their customers, Custella is empowering them through its smart Field Service Management tool designed to efficiently and effectively manage field sales and service personnel. In this quest for empowerment, VLAN asia - the oldest reseller of Zendesk joined forces with Custella to create a seamless experience of capturing orders.

The Custella process consists of 4 parts - Customer Support, Planning, Execution, and Analysis. Capturing the order based on the needs of the customers is perhaps the most essential element. All the other actions are practically based on the orders that are captured through the customer service representatives. Upon listening to the requirements of the customers, the agent fills up the needful details and transfers the job order to the Custella app which notifies the relevant field technician about a particular job order. With Zendesk, Customer Support just became concise and streamlined.

Custella app

Product & Features

The customer support process is divided into a multitude of features:

  • Zendesk Support: A support ticketing system that allows the users to integrate different channels of communication seamlessly through multilingual features and collaboration with the relevant departments of a company. Agents can customize the dashboard based on their necessities and interact with customers most effectively. Moreover, they can always see the customer satisfaction score (CSAT Ratings) to analyze the places they can improve and serve their customers better.

  • Zendesk Chat: The Zendesk chat is complete customer support chatting experience for both the users and the customers. The Chatbots allow page visitors to ask frequently asked questions and get their questions answered. If they are in need to speak to an agent live, they are connected with a customer care agent through Chat Routing who is identified based on the customer’s requirements and the agent’s skills. The chat agents get triggers every time a new customer is on the website and needs guidance. Moreover, the user can add Chat Tags by adding labels to chat sessions that can help them categorize each conversation and know which customers are inactive, which ones are disappointed, who are satisfied, and so on. Finally, the rating feature allows visitors to rate the chat experience they had with an agent. This allows companies to look at the performance of the agents and create necessary developmental strategies for providing better quality services.

  • Zendesk Explore: This reporting and analytics feature gives you in-depth information about your business. It has built-in reports that give visibility to key performance indicators and your customers. Moreover, users can easily build their reports based on their unique requirements. This report will be visible to anyone within the organization for accurate forecasting and decision-making. The dashboards are prebuilt to save you the time to create metrics with the best practices but users also have the choice of makings copies of their dashboard and editing them to create something new. Indeed, you will be able to share your work with anyone within the organization and edit the details at your convenience.

  • Zendesk Guide: The guide allows users an automated support option and enables agents to serve their customers better. By creating relevant content that users are most likely to look for, the customer support process becomes streamlined and saves time for agents to support those customers who need attention. Customers can submit tickets in the customer portal for any unanswered questions and agents can use the knowledge base to address the ticket quickly.

  • Zendesk Talk: a cloud-based call center application that enables your agents to talk over the phone to your customers and provide support. All that is needed is a phone number to start your customer support journey via voice call. The software’s sophisticated features allow automated voice mail to communicate with the customer. For example, stating the operating hours to a customer who called after the work hours. The agents will be notified of the customers who are waiting to speak and the ones who they will call next. If issues arise, the call center agents can create a ticket and forward it to Custella for the field service agents to resolve. It gives a 360-degree solution to a business both inside the operations and on the field.

  • Zendesk Connect: To stay ahead of the problems, this feature allows companies to view the track record of each ticket and the CSAT history to understand what the issues are and what has been working for them. To communicate with a large customer base, agents can create recurring messages to communicate with the customers any important details before they purchase a product or service.

Features of Zendesk

A Perfect Team

Just like Custella’s previous accord, an alliance between Custella and Zendesk can now take your customer service to the next level, leaving no loopholes in their operations. Are you ready to automate and streamline your customer support? If so, the time is now.

Still have more questions? Check out more FAQs on our website here. You can also get in touch with us below from the link below; we are always happy to get back to you with any queries regarding your business.


Need a field service management application like Custella? If you’re in the ASEAN region (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, etc. ) or Australia/Oceania, drop us an email to schedule your demo:

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