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Security & Safety

Managing a Field Service Team? Empower our organizationwith Custella's Field Service Management application.


Manage Assets / Equipment

​Equipment information where is your info, technical information, integration to IoT.

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Manage Your Field Teams

Know what's going on; what needs to be done, and what's already completed. Monitor any order requests linked through your ERP/CRM systems and find the right agent according to location, availability, skill, and utilization.

SLAs for Service Orders

Dispatch your field team within the specifed time according to the relevant SLA policy

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Service Checklist Forms.jpg

Service Checklist Forms

Save time, collect information efficently, and avoid overlooking protocols with checklists.

Forms and BPM

Digitize all your hard-copy forms to capture and compile your data with ease

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BI and analytics

Visualize, analyze, be informed as you make key decisions using real-time data from Custella.

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