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Service Level
Agreements (SLA)

Companies can now fulfill and keep up with their Service Level Agreements (SLA) by tracking customer cases, aligning with various department activities, and
managing client expectations.


Customer Specific SLAs

Keep Up With Customer Expectations

Risk Notifications

Minimize Penalties and Revenue Loss

Ahead of the Curve

Proactive versus Reactive to stay ahead of the curve

SLAs for Service Orders

Dispatch your field team within the specifed time according to the relevant SLA policy.

Priority SLA.jpg

"Before using Custella, we used WhatsApp to communicate with our teams and this was not a very efficient system for a large company. Custella has helped Pekat Solar, for example, when we get a job order, we are able to trace and view the pending tasks for us to ensure we are able to complete them.

Previously, it took 4 hours to complete the job order but now it only takes 30 minutes to complete it. Once we get the notifications from our planners, we are able to dispatch our teams immediately."


Senior Supervisor

SLA for Tickets.jpg

SLAs for Tickets / Case

Track and prioritize case SLAs, with comment-to-email integration and multi-level escalation.

Custom SLAs Configurations

Create customized SLAs based on multiple variables, unique to your customer's process and requirements.

Criteria-Service Order.jpg
Intelligent Notification Update.jpg

Notifications & Triggers

Empower your teams to proactively intervene and take action when an SLA is about to be breached.

Contract SLA's /KPI Reporting

Visualize and analyse your team's SLA compliance for performance benchmarking.

Manage Contract SLA_KPI.jpg

Other features that could benefit you

Email Notifications

Add people and emails to be notified when a case is created and upon closure.

SLA Policy Setup

Set your SLA pause and start criteria to automate your SLA clock settings.

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