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Spare Parts &

Unify your inventory across multiple warehouses, with updated stock count through alerts and notifications.


Stock Management in Realtime

Check availability of Stock in real-time

Restock Alerts

Setup of reminders to ensure stock is replenished on time

Inventory Movement

Track your spare parts as they are moved by field agents from one location to another.

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Spare Part

Track your spare parts in your service orders. Know where your spare parts are as they are checked in and out by field agents and their usage.

"We have been leveraging Custella for our Field Service Management, and it has reduced manual reporting and the associated errors and delays. Previously, it took us a few days to gain visibility on jobs completed, however now we get real-time updates on the job completion which helps to keep our customers updated on the issues resolved immediately"

Troy DiDomenico

Health Operations Head

Setup your virtual warehouse

​Create and manage virtual representation of your warehouses and map out your storage of your spare parts and assets. 

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Track Your Spare Part.jpg

Track movement of spare parts

Get notifications on when items are being checked out, and when they are returned back to their respective bin so nothing ever goes missing. Couple this with approval processes to ensure ownership and accountability is managed through the system

Technician Bin Management

Know what is stored in your warehouses and when it is
checked-in/check-out by assigning technicians to the exact bin, and eliminate time spent locating items in large warehouses.

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Integrate to CRM/ERP

Integrations to ERP Systems like NetSuite, and CRM Systems like

Other features that could benefit you

Inventory History

Track your inventory's usage history, transfers and movements.

Asset Bundling

Group assets together for convenience and simpler tracking.

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