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Transport Management & Last Mile Logistics

Manage your transportation operations effectively so you can rest easy on every shipment knowing you've factored in every little detail into your delivery plan.


Track your Orders

Keep Track of Your Transportation elements

Manage Resources

Optimize the use of resources to save costs and boost revenue


Review Your Fleet Performance

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Route Planning & Optimization

​Create, assign, and manage delivery orders with Custella's Smart Planning Hub that factors in multiple filters such as Capacity, Route, Driver availability, operational hours and much more!

Post-dispatch plan modification

Adapt and modify your vehicle's plan as needed, in real-time.

Post Dispatch Plan.jpg
DO Splitting.jpg

Delivery order splitting/ multi-day delivery

Split your orders to allow for multi-day deliveries across different countries and taking holidays and extenuating circumstances into consideration.

Live order tracking link for end customers

Both planners and customers can track deliveries through the customer portal and receive real-time status updates.

Live Order Tracking.jpg
Delivery Verification.jpg

Delivery verification and sign-off

Have full visibility of completed delivery and customer's digital signature, as proof of completion with a timestamp.

Real time location visualization

Take care of the smallest details of your deliveries with real time status updates. Drivers have access to in-app photo capturing, document attachment, and e-signature fetching. There's no more need to sift through the paperwork or wait till it comes through, for that matter.

Realtime Location Tracking.jpg
Cost and Comission.jpg

Cost & Commission Tracking

Track expenditure and operational costs, as well as driver performance and financial incentives.

Other features that could benefit you

Breakdown Management

Optimize your resources in the event of a breakdown to ensure deliveries are returned and fulfilled.

Loading Bay Management

Factor in warehouse hours and loading bay dimensions for vehicles

Trip History

Keep track of and view your vehicle's movements.

Load Management

Ensure your consignment fits the vehicle and can be safely delivered

Hierarchy Based Access

Uphold data security with access based on user.

Pre-departure Safety Checklist

Provide drivers with routine checklists to improving operational safety

Driver Shift / Leave Management

Account for field agent's leave days to avoid accidental overlaps

Traffic Aware, Route Based Routing

Factor in route congestion and other variables to avoid delays

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