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Field Service Management Made Easy

Custella is a SAAS application designed for organizations to plan & manage work, information, assets, and people that are mobile. We support your sales, service and transport teams to streamline your operations.



Let us provide the information you need to make your key operational decisions. Even better, use our smart assign feature to automate your process. 


Improved insights on customers, teams & assets through real-time reports & dashboards - no more weekends spent preparing repetitive reports.

Customer Satisfaction

Increase trust and satisfaction with your customers by giving them real-time updates and accessible touchpoints to engage with your team

Our Solution

We offer smart, innovative solutions to a number of clients WORLDWIDE

Field Sales & Service Management

Are your teams are doing field visits? Save time, costs, and mind space by automating your operational process

Last Mile & Transport Management 

Manage your delivery orders, vehicles, and drivers across destinations and warehouses with our planning hub and real-time location reporting.

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Field Service Management

Real-time tracking of check-in, check-out, notes, photos, documents, and e-signature.

Get your sales/work orders digitised and get real-time updates on their progress.

Preventive Maintenance

Keep track of your machines' maintenance schedules.

Get risk notifications when SLA policies are in danger of being breached.

Manage spare parts and asset movements across warehouses and technicians.

Support ticket management and escalation to field engineers on a single platform.

Technician Skills

Keep track of the certifications and skills of your engineers to find the right person for the job.

Last Mile & Transport Management

Create, assign, and manage delivery orders with our planning hub.

Delivery Orders

Optimize your resources to ensure your
deliveries are fulfilled.

Breakdown Management

Planning routes, factoring in multiple stops and pick-up points.

Vehicle Route Planning

Get your drivers to check their trucks for safety before departure.

Pre-Departure Checklist

Apply for leave and mark days off so tasks won't be assigned during those days.

Driver Shifts

Locations, time taken, journey details, as well as photos taken at the various locations.

Trip History

Alert managers when drivers make an update.

Alerts & Notifications

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Interactive Business Intelligence

Allow users to get timely reports directly to their inboxes.

Scheduled Emailing

Drag-and-drop tool to create reports that match your organization's style and needs.

Report Builder

Ensure each user  is only able to view
reports relevant to their role.

Report Access

Visualize data to show what is most relevant to you.


Where We Fit

We address gaps in your mobile workforce and fleet operations by integrating to existing ERP, CRM, and Helpdesk systems such as  NetSuite,, and Zendesk. 


Choose to implement as a standalone application or let us complete your processes by integrating.

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Your business is unique. You need
a solution that works for you.


Helpdesk and support teams can use Custella to capture new orders, inquiries, and complaints in real-time and coordinate with field teams.

Field Agent & Drivers

View schedules and tasks in the Custella mobile app and update progress on the go, from location to location.


Review scheduled reports on operational performance and quality of service. Optimize your organization's efficiency, and save costs.


Updated in real-time and given access to information via a customer portal.

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Capture orders & inquiries through a customer portal 

With your own customer portal, you can create customer touchpoints and keep track of incoming orders, your order fulfillment statuses, and customer satisfaction.

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"We have been leveraging Custella for our Field Service Management, and it has reduced manual reporting and the associated errors and delays. Previously, it took us a few days to gain visibility on jobs completed, however now we get real-time updates on the job completion which helps to keep our customers updated on the issues resolved immediately"

Troy DiDomenico 

Health Operations Head,
​Hills Health Solutions Australia

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